Destroying Democracy

Donald Trump is under indictment. Anyone who has been following events in only the most cursory manner should not be surprised. After all, Trump’s personal fixer Micheal Cohen already went to prison for the crime Trump now stands indicted for. The major difference is because Trump has more money he was able to avoid indictment longer. It seemed like he never would get indicted. But enough of our justice system remained to get him indicted.

Trump’s version of a justice system is appalling on all levels. Trump has perturbed it so that virtually no one in his party wants to see the equal application of justice. This is of course because its equal application hurts their feelings, so all must be excused. Trump has had hundreds of opportunities to get right with the law. Trump has ignored them all and went out of his way to give the finger to everyone instead. And now somehow poor Donald Trump is being persecuted.

Our justice system barely has a heartbeat. Traditionally, equal justice under the law has been a GOP strength. Now the GOP simply wants to abandon it because if applied they will lose. The evidence of Trump’s guilt is overwhelming. If justice were equally administered, the GOP might be positioned to return to being an established party again, something it desperately needs. But no one will let that happen because they cower before Trump.

Prior to Trump, you could safely assume presidents were good and honest people at heart. Not anymore. Trump has unleashed the kracken. What’s in the interest of Donald Trump is now all that matters. Complete subservience is now the only possible correct response. It’s a party now wholly rid of the feeling of shame.

It’s a party of wholesale corruption now.

Democracy requires belief in the rule of law. It requires that the tenant that the law supersedes party loyalty, because it’s a core value that joins us together in a greater cause. It’s something the GOP can no longer tolerate. It’s the Achilles Heal of democracy. Democracy is being suffocated and barely anyone in the GOP cares in the least. Power has triumphed over the rule of law.

Sadly I suspect Trump will get away with this crime. There are more opportunities to get him for meatier crimes. But the GOP has spent decades stacking the bench for it to get the “justice” it openly bought and paid for.

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