This blog is changing

On December 13, 2022 my blog turns twenty years young.

Some things are going to change. First, I’ve migrating the blog to Except for the first few years of its existence, I’ve managed it with WordPress. WordPress has proven capable of doing what I needed doing but with 20 years of content it’s becoming unwieldy to keep hosting it myself. Moving it to simplifies things. The entire archive stays available. But a few things are changing and may impact you. has some limitations in that it is not easily customized with plugins and sidebars, at least not without paying the company a hefty fee in excess of $50.00/month. But performance should be excellent. is managed by a company called Automattic. Their servers are super-fast and well maintained so accessing content should be super-fast too.

But the old domain, now points to which came free with the transition. If you are used to getting a blog post via email, that feature has gone away since I can’t install plugins anymore.

But with a little effort, you can still get notified of new blog posts. You need a feed reader. A good example is Once you establish an account enter into the search tool and subscribe. Check Feedly periodicially. Any blogs on it with new posts will show up. Simply click on the feed link to read the latest post. Once you get used to a feed reader, I think you will find it’s a much more efficient way to read blogs. It pulls the content for you.

Thanks to all who chose the email subscription route. Sorry to make your life a little difficult, but after twenty years I figured you shouldn’t mind. So don’t expect any new email notifications of new blog posts, and thank you for subscribing all these years.

I’ve also been posting new blog post notifications on Twitter. As you know, the site was recently purchased by Elon Musk and is in a great deal of turmoil. I’ve never liked Twitter and consider it annoying and not very useful, and certainly didn’t want to pay for a blue checkmark for my account. There’s not a lot of viable alternatives out there. After some experimentation, the best I’ve found is Mastadon. So if you join Mastadon you can find me there, just don’t expect many posts. My handle is Like now, I should include a link to the blog post. You may prefer this notification method instead of using a feed reader.

Will the blog change? I do find it useful to post once a week or so. It helps clear my head to put my thoughts down on virtual paper. So I don’t expect any other changes to the content, but you never know.

If you link to my site, I’d appreciate it if you would update the URL to

Thank you.

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