Craigslist casual encounters weirdness posts suspended

Tomorrow the missus and me cross the pond to spend eight days in London, taking in shows and stuff. We’ll also tour both London and England for the first time, unless you count flying over it. Mostly we’ll be in London, but we’ll spend Saturday seeing Stonehenge, Oxford and Windsor castle, and then come home.

Frankly, I need a break. I’m hoping for at least a few days that the woes of the Trump Administration and our Republican congress will recede from my mind. I need to be somewhere where things operate somewhat normally, as opposed to the United States where the lunatics are running the asylum, or at least ineptly trying to do so.

I was late in doing my monthly review of Craigslist casual encounters posts this month. I was planning to catch up on it today until I looked at my February statistics. I got no less than 128 requests for these posts in February – lower than average – but February’s overall statistics are down as well, just 872 page views, part of a long term trend. While these post represented a healthy 15% of overall traffic, it also suggests that since readership in general is going down it may be due to search engines ranking my blog lower because of these posts.

So I’m going to stop, at least for a few months, and see if maybe traffic improves. While this may deter some of you Craigslist fans from visiting this blog (and I hope it doesn’t) it may bring in new visitors too. We’ll see. And in time maybe these posts will look fresh and funny again. A few years back mining the Craigslist casual encounters garbage once a month seemed an obvious thing to do as I was getting dozens of hits a day just on these posts. Maybe its time as a way to grab the eyes of web surfers has passed.

If you can’t get enough but don’t have the patience to surf through all the current postings, please browse my plentiful Craigslist tag archive.

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