Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: December 2016 edition

November turned out to be a dreary month here in Massachusetts. The days were very short but the persistent days of clouds and rain only made it drearier. So I should not be surprised that my Craigslist posts received but 224 web page hits in November, a respectable amount but nothing outstanding. Overall web hits were down in November to just 1203 web hits, so at least that made my Craigslist traffic amount to nearly twenty percent of total traffic.

So maybe people are more into sleeping late this time of year than trying to find some kinky sex on the internet. There is no way to know without sampling postings this month. Once again I will look at nearby Hartford, Connecticut to gauge just how far into the gutter my local citizens are today.

Today on the first page of Craigslist casual encounter postings I find:

  • 31 men looking for a woman
  • 51 men looking for a man
  • 1 man looking for multiple men
  • 4 men looking for a transgender person
  • 6 men looking for a couple
  • 5 women looking for a man
  • 1 woman looking for a woman
  • 2 couples looking for a woman
  • 4 transgender people looking for a man
  • 1 transgender person looking for a couple

Let’s see who’s shaking their booty and what sort of others they hope to attract:

  • “She” is a “submissive crossdressing bottom bitch” from Central Vermont and is apparently willing to drive quite a way. She will come dressed in leather and is willing to play the bottom. In fact, she is in so much leather that at least from her photos you’ll never see her face! I guess that’s one way to stay anonymous. She’ll take pretty much anyone: couples, men, women and even do phone sex. Even if I were inclined, given her photos I’d give her a pass. With all that leather she looks more cow than human.
  • If you have always wonder what a post-op transgender woman looks like you can see the surgeon’s results in all its clinical detail, but “she” still sports an Amish beard. She is 26 and has a kinky story to share about her visit last weekend to Hartford’s notorious Art Cinema, which she hopes to repeat this weekend. At least she won’t allow penetration without a condom. Also at the Art Cinema this weekend is this 39-year-old man, if he can find his Sexy Ms Claus to join him on the couples-only balcony for their annual party.
  • Usually with couples, it’s the man who wants to see his woman with another woman. This couple from New Haven is looking for a woman, and it’s the woman who gets off seeing her man being pleasured by another woman. At least she’s not possessive.
  • Women, why wouldn’t you want a casual encounter with a man who was “born a Brazilian fire dancer to a band of roving beach gypsies”?
  • My understanding is it’s not too hard for men to hook up with other men on Craigslist, but it can be challenging if you are gay and into watersports. He’s married too, and 51 if that matters.
  • This probably won’t happen to this 46-year-old man: he runs a shop and at closing time he wants a couple to come in and start engaging in erotic play. He swears there are no store cameras. I think he’s also this guy, same age, who wants to lick a woman to orgasm on his desk at work. So retail literally sucks?
  • One of the few women for men ads that didn’t get flagged: she’s just looking to hookup and has a smoking hot body. She’s 25, from Hartford and is looking for regular fun.
  • If there were some sort of award for ugliest-looking dick contest, this 50-year-old guy from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts would probably win it. If you are a dude looking for a dude and insist on posting a picture of your privates, at least prove you can get it erect!
  • He’s a 41-year-old guy from Hartford with a smoking tranny “fitish”.
  • Isn’t 37 years old a bit early to suffer from erectile dysfunction? Anyhow he’s looking for a woman so he can use his blue pills before they go to waste. This must be one of the worst internet propositions ever!
  • She’s 28, from Hartford and looking for a few good men, preferably all at the same time, to lavish oral love upon. Meanwhile, she’s 22 and wants to be a submissive slut for an older man.
  • Since she’s married, 32, blonde and has a fabulous career, she wants this to be discreet. She’s looking for a submissive woman to “nurse” and “experiment” on. Based on the pictures, you may be literally tied up in knots.
  • Lots of women are looking for a sugar daddy. Here’s a hassled 26-year-old woman looking for a sugar mama.
  • They’re a submissive couple looking for a dominant couple. Meanwhile this couple from Bloomfield has an unusual request: they need an OB/GYN examination table for BDSM medical role-play fetish. Maybe they can scan Craigslist for sale classified. Never know what will show up there.

More next month.


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