Craigslist casual encounters weirdness: November 2016 edition

There is a lot of election fever going on a few days before a national election. Passions are running high. And speaking of passions, will they leach over this month to Craigslist casual encounters section, giving us discerning viewers some especially choice postings? Maybe there are some hot Democrats wanting to bag a hot Republican, or visa versa?

As usual to find out I will review Craigslist’s Hartford (Connecticut) casual encounters section this month. Reviewing my Craigslist hits for October, I find it was a pretty typical month. There were at least 261 web page requests for this stuff in October out of 2257 pageviews, so this was about 12% of my traffic. Also as usual, my May 2015 posting drew the most traffic: 170 pageviews altogether.

On this grey Saturday afternoon, the first page of such postings reveals:

  • 28 men looking for a woman
  • 2 men looking for multiple men
  • 44 men looking for a man
  • 7 men looking for a couple
  • 3 men looking for a transsexual
  • 14 women looking for a man
  • 1 woman looking for multiple men
  • 2 couples looking for a man
  • 1 couple looking for a woman

Curiously there are no transsexuals posting on the first page. They are usually hunting for men, given that most of them tend to be transitioning women. Anyhow, let’s dig into this month’s pile of dubious postings:

  • He’s white, 23 and basically looking for women to get wasted with, not in the sack, but to consume a “cooler full of supplies”. This is because he wants to “hit the slopes” even though it’s not quite snow season. It sounds like be bought out his local pusher’s stock. I hope he got a steep discount.
  • He’s a 36-year-old man from East Windsor looking to give a trim to a man, and I don’t think he means above the neck.
  • Ding! Ding! Ding! And we have a winner for the disgusting post of the month: a 35-year-old man from East Windsor has a puking fetish, not him puking but you, a bulimic and/or wasted woman. You can puke while he enters you via a number of intimate orifices. Good luck with that, poster.
  • A close runner up is this ad from a local guy (to me), in Amherst, Massachusetts. He’s 18, looking for a guy and want to live the ultimate fart fantacy (sic) which fortunately he does not detail, thank goodness. And that’s just the start of the abuse he wants to endure from you.
  • He’s near the university in Hartford and has used briefs to sell: his and his girlfriend’s panties too. More likely what he really has is a drug addiction and needs a source of cash to support it. You can also give him money to suck his eight inch black cock too.
  • Basically, he’s looking for a whore. Whereas he is looking for a discreet no-questions-asked Viagra or Cialis supplier.
  • Speaking of anti-impotence drugs, this general contractor has “worn out equipment” but I guess he figures they won’t help. So is looking to interview a substitute to do some pinch-hitting with his wife, who you can see from the neck down. A peculiar qualification: you have to be 45+.
  • It’s unclear if she is charging or not, but probably yes. Anyhow, she will bring a “spa to your door” for an age 40+ man only. She promises a mutually happy and clothes-free ending.
  • It’s not unusual to see women posting for women on Craigslist, but it is unusual for an Arabic woman to post for another Arabic woman (or Indian or Pakistani). Not to worry, hubby approves.
  • Just a reminder that there’s plenty of trouble out there on Craigslist. For example, there’s Ashley, the blackmailing TS gurl.

So it’s mostly men posting today. Maybe the women are all busy voting for Hillary.

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