Occam’s Razor 2011 Statistics

I usually start off the year with a set of blog statistics from the previous year. However, this year I was on a cruise ship on New Year’s Day, and in fact I was off the ‘Net for over a week. So it’s time to catch up with the state of the blog.

A quick note: I am considering ending the blog in December after completing ten full years of blogging. It may be a logical time to stop. Or not. I’ll need something to keep myself amused in retirement.

This year my Google Analytics web statistics are puzzling and probably misleading. As I mentioned in another blog post, in June Google seemed to have changed the algorithm for deciding what is a real page view. Page views dropped about in half toward late June. Anyhow, for what it’s worth:

Overall 2011 Statistics

  • Total Visits: 48,815 visits (134 per day on average), which is down 4% compared with 2010.
  • Total Page Views: 90,205 (average 247 per day) which down 6.8% compared with 2010. I expect 2012 to have a markedly lower number, as January thru June 2011 were likely inflated due to a bad algorithm.
  • Percent New Visits: 89.13%, which is down 2.26% compared with 2010. This is good because it means slightly more of you are return visitors compared to 2010.

Most Viewed Posts

  1. Eulogy for my mother (14,266 page views, up  31% from last year, #1 two years in a row)
  2. Blog Home Page (6,479 page views, down 66% from last year,  but still #2 two years in a row)
  3. You Porn: A Traveler’s New Best Friend? (3,763 page views, down 33% from 2010, but overall moved up from #4)
  4. Craigslist Casual Encounters: now officially a complete waste of time (3,709 page views, down 2%, but moved up from #6)
  5. The Root of Human Conflict: Emotion vs. Reason (3,422 page views, up 15%, moved from #7)
  6. Sharon Mitchell: Porn Saint (3,204 page views)
  7. Queer as a 3 dollar bill (3,125 page views)
  8. Danger: Wal-Mart Customer! (NEW on the top 10 list, 2,835 page views)
  9. The Illusion of Time (2,526 page views)
  10. The Id Unleashed at Craigslist Casual Encounters (1,435 page views)

The drop in the number of page views in the top ten actually suggest a broadening of the content being read. This is good. More people are getting beyond the top ten and are reading more obscure posts than in the past.

I still find it strange that the really old posts still bring people in, but more recent posts overall have people yawning. I guess they are just not very interesting. I am glad my mother’s eulogy is obviously helping so many people struggling with the loss of their mother. But mostly, human nature is what it is and pornography and internet sex seems to be what they want to read the most here. And maybe bizarre stuff as well, given that Danger: Wal-Mart Customer! is new in the top 10 (it was written in 2009). It’s also nice that the blog’s home page still comes in at #2.

Top Tags:

  1. Civil War
  2. Obesity
  3. W&OD Trail
  4. Battle of Chantilly
  5. Fashion

Top category: Best of Occam’s Razor

Top Browsers

  • Internet Explorer: 35.54% (down from 41.6%)
  • Firefox: 27.36% (down from 34.01%)
  • Chrome: 17.27% (up from 10.32%)
  • Safari: 15.13 (up from 11.41%)

So it appears that my users are slowly ditching IE and Firefox in favor of Google Chrome and Safari. My suspicion is Safari is so high because most mobile traffic was via iPhones, which run Safari.

Busiest Month: May (12,671 page views)
Slowest Month: December (3,703 page views)

Mobile statistics are new in Google Analytics.

Mobile Visits in 2011: 3,904
%Mobile Visits of Total Visits: 8%

This site is also accessible as a newsfeed, both RSS and Atom. Most of those reading the blog via a newsfeed do so via FeedBurner. Here are a few FeedBurner statistics for 2011:

  • Subscribers as of 12/31/2011: 66 (up from 59 in 2010)
  • Average number of subscribers per day: 63.23 (up from 54.13 in 2010)
  • Average hits per day: 196 (159 in 2010)
  • Average click-throughs per day: 7.81 (5.23 in 2010)

More of my readers continue to read the blog through a subscription, but growth is modest. It may make up for some of the decline in visits and page views.

More on January 1, 2013, I hope.

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