Occam’s Razor 2010 Statistics

As I usually do, I start off a year posting my annual blog statistics for the previous year.Hey, it’s not like there is much else to do on a quiet New Years Day. I don’t have to deal with a hangover.

This year my Google Analytics web statistics are a bit puzzling, making me wonder if Google changed their criteria. For while overall visits are down in 2010 compared to 2009, web traffic (page requests) is up  about 62% overall from 2009. I doubt this is because my blog suddenly became so much more interesting in 2010. So I must trust the mighty Google and feel happy about it.

Overall 2010 Statistics

  • Total Visits: 50,816 (139 average per day), which is down 10% compared with 2009.
  • Total Page Views: 120,368 (average 329 per day) which is up 62% compared with 2009.
  • Percent New Visits: 91.39% , which is up a .75% compared with 2009. (This means only about 1 in 10 of you visit repeatedly, at least via a browser.)

Most Viewed Posts

  1. Eulogy for my mother (10,885 page views, up 138% from last year, moved from #4 to #1)
  2. Blog Home Page (10,780 page views, up 128% from last year, new in top 5)
  3. Queer as a 3 dollar bill (8,105 page views, up 269% from last year, new in top 5)
  4. You Porn: A Traveler’s New Best Friend? (5,638 page views, down 28% from 2009, down from #1)
  5. Sharon Mitchell: Porn Saint (4,060 page views, down 43% from 2009, down from #2)
  6. Craigslist Casual Encounters: now officially a complete waste of time (3,783 page views)
  7. The Root of Human Conflict: Emotion vs. Reason (2,964 page views)
  8. The ID Unleashed at Craigslist Casual Encounters (2,601 page views)
  9. The Illusion of Time (2,162 page views)
  10. Review: Chess at Signature Theatre (2,094 page views)

Once again I find the public’s taste curious. The really good: this blog’s home page is now #2, whereas it never appeared in the top five before. And I am glad that my mother’s eulogy is of use and of comfort to so many people five years after her death. Some of my best essays have made it into the top ten. The not so good: the 1% of posts dealing with pornography still bring in a lot of traffic. And my short and mediocre post “Queer as a 3 dollar bill” is #3, although it is little more than an image developed by someone else.

Top Tags:

  1. Eduard Hill
  2. Get Fuzzy
  3. W&OD Trail
  4. Battle of Chantilly
  5. Versailles

Top category: Travel

Top monthly page: December 2009

Top Browsers

  • Internet Explorer: 41.6% (down from 50.5%)
  • Firefox: 34.01% (down .7%)
  • Safari: 11.41% (up from 8.04%)
  • Chrome: 10.32% (up from 3.50%)

So it appears that my users are slowly ditching IE in favor of Google Chrome. I am glad that IE is below 50%.

Busiest Month: January (12,392 page views)
Slowest Month: February (8,497 page views)

This site is also accessible as a newsfeed, both RSS and Atom. Most of those reading the blog via a newsfeed do so via FeedBurner. Here are a few FeedBurner statistics for 2010:

  • Subscribers as of 12/31/2010: 59
  • Average number of subscribers per day: 54.13 (up from 37.85 in 2009)
  • Average hits per day: 156 (159 in 2008)
  • Average click-throughs per day: 5.23 (8 in 2009)

This is good news. More of my readers are accessing the blog via a feed. This may be accounting for some of the growth in page views.

More on January 1, 2012, I hope.

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