Occam’s Razor 2009 Statistics

As I usually do, I start off a year (and in this case, the decade) posting my annual blog statistics for the previous year. Web traffic is down about 25% overall from 2008. There could be many reasons for this including my posts are not as interesting (at least to search engines) than they were in 2008, a move by many to get content from social networking sites or there is less for me to get riled up about with George W. Bush out of office. Even my most popular posts are down in page views, in some case quite markedly, and likely the fact that these posts are aging and thus less relevant are a significant reason for the loss in traffic.

Overall Statistics

  • Total Visits: 56,474 (154 average per day), which is down 27% compared with 2008.
  • Total Page Views: 74,088 (average 203 per day) which is down 25% compared with 2008.
  • Percent New Visits: 90.71% , which is up a tiny .37% compared with 2008. (This means only about 1 in 10 of you visit repeatedly.)

Most Viewed Posts

  • You Porn: A Traveler’s New Best Friend? (7,849 page views, down 76% from 2008, but still #1 overall)
  • Sharon Mitchell: Porn Saint (7,205 page views, down 11% from 2008, but still #2 overall)
  • Site Home Page: (4,719 page views, down 38% from 2008, but still #3 overall)
  • Eulogy for my mother (4,567 page views, up 108% from last year, moved from #5 to #4)
  • The Id Unleashed at Craigslist Casual Encounters (3,072 page views, up 15% from last year, moved from #4 to #5)

So overall people are reading largely the same pages they read last year, just in most cases less frequently.

Top Browsers

Perhaps my blog is atypical, but Internet Explorer is losing market share overall, with Firefox, Safari and the new Chrome browser picking up the slack. People are apparently getting tired of IE and it is on the cusp of losing its dominance at last. It will be interesting to see a year from now how browser share stands.

  • Internet Explorer: 50.5% (down from 64.2%)
  • Firefox: 34.8% (up from 27.54%)
  • Safari: 8.04% (up from 5.06%)
  • Chrome: 3.5% (not bad considering the browser was only released a few months ago)

Busiest Month: January (8,444 page views)
Slowest Month: September (4,665 page views)

This site is also accessible as a newsfeed, both RSS and Atom. Most of those reading the blog via a newsfeed do so via FeedBurner. Here are a few FeedBurner statistics for 2009:

  • Average number of subscribers per day: 37.85 (up from 31.38 in 2008)
  • Average hits per day: 158 (159 in 2008)
  • Average click-throughs per day: 8 (7 in 2008)

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