Joe Lieberman: the leading asshole in the Senate

Granted the competition is extraordinarily stiff but congratulations to “Independent Democrat” Joe Lieberman. In a U.S. Senate full of overstuffed egos, you have proven yourself exceptionally singular even in this “august” deliberative body for your continual vacillation, contradictory statements and your “my way or the highway” approach to almost every issue no matter what the cost or how high the stakes. Of course when push came to shove it would be you, the leading asshole in the Senate, who would have to make or break health care reform to conform to your vacillating views, which will probably change again tomorrow.

When I think about you, this scene from Blazing Saddles (1974) comes to mind . To my readers, if you want to know how I feel, jump to 1:12, and change the words slightly to: “The fact that you would keep those 55 or older from having affordable health insurance just goes to prove that you are the leading asshole in the Senate.” That’s how most of the country feels about you, Joe: Democrats, Republicans, Independents and especially the citizens of Connecticut who in the future will not even elect you to be dog catcher.

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