Occam’s Razor 2008 Statistics

Happy New Year to all of you! Before I begin another year of blogging, I like to post my annual blog statistics for the previous year, if I have them. In the past, I have had to rely on SiteMeter, which is niggardly about providing annual statistics of much note unless you pay them money. I have been running Google Analytics on this site for a bit more than a year now. I consider its statistics more meaningful than those provided by SiteMeter. It also provides a wealth of detailed data.

The statistics presented here do not come close to the number of hits and page views in my web logs. This is because the web logs record all sorts of traffic including traffic generated by robots and search engines, which account for the bulk of the traffic. The statistics I present represent actual people using the site because their browser interaction is tracked.

Here are some of the statistics of note for this blog for 2008.

Overall Statistics

Total Visits: 77,126 (average 211 per day)
Total Page Views: 98,394 (average 268 per day)
Percent New Visits: 90.34% (This means only about 1 in 10 of you visit repeatedly)

Most Viewed Posts

You Porn: A Traveler’s New Best Friend? (32,543 page views)
Sharon Mitchell: Porn Saint (8,073 page views)
Site Home Page: (7,654 page views)
The Id Unleashed at Craigslist Casual Encounters (2,682 page views)
Eulogy for my mother (2,197 page views)

Top Browsers

Internet Explorer: 64.2%
Firefox: 27.54%
Safari: 5.06%

Busiest Month: February (10,275 page views)
Slowest Month: June (6,350 page views)

This site is also accessible as a newsfeed, both RSS and Atom. Most of those reading the blog via a newsfeed do so via FeedBurner. Here are a few FeedBurner statistics for 2008:

Average number of subscribers per day: 31.38
Average hits per day: 159
Average click-throughs per day: 7

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