The Blog Returns

Google seems to have found its senses. I reappeared in its search index today around 12 o’clock Eastern Standard Time, after being ignored by Google for two months and 18 days.

I am not sure why it happened today. Perhaps it occurred because a few days back I requested a Google reinclusion. This was something I had not tried before, mainly because it was deeply buried in their web pages so I didn’t notice it.

I am skeptical that I will get the traffic I did before I was dropped, but time will tell. Anyhow, it now behooves me to be good on my word to my readers and resume blogging again.

Resuming blogging this week will be challenging because life finds me in Boulder, Colorado. I am at my brother’s fiancée’s house. I will be in the Denver area all week to participate in some training. I will likely see plenty of Denver this year. I should be back at least three more times before July. But hopefully my evenings this week will leave me reasonably free and I will have time to do some serious blogging again.

My thanks to all who left comments telling me how much they appreciated my blog. I will try to live up to your high opinions of me.

5 responses to “The Blog Returns”

  1. What the hell. I’m reading it.


  2. Woo hoo!!


  3. I’ve missed you input.


  4. I am an 82 year great grandmother and I love your blogs..I was not referred to you by Google but by my 58 year old traveling son..I am homebound and in a wheelchair so my computer and your blogs keep me entertained and stretches my mind …You are an excellent writer and I admire you…and I’m glad you’re back!


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