Help! Google abandoned my blog!

Google giveth and Google taketh. For reasons that were probably not deliberate, this site dropped out of the Google search index since about 10 PM on Friday. Whereas normally I get 150-200 page views a day (according to SiteMeter) yesterday I got about 50. So far today I am up to 21 page views. These numbers of course do not count the many other hits from other search engines, feed readers and the like.

I had not really quantified before what a huge factor Google is in driving eyes to this website. Without Google, I am reduced to hoping minor search engines like Yahoo! and MSN to send traffic here instead. It is fair to say though that traffic referred here through Google accounts for two thirds to three quarters of all the page views read with a browser.

Perhaps this is just as well. I resubmitted my site to the Google search engine, but it could take weeks for it to fully index my site again. With preelection jitters and a sad anniversary to commemorate this week (it will be one year since my mother’s death this Friday) perhaps I do not need too many other distractions anyhow. Maybe the Internet is telling me to take a blogging breather.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying a quiet day home alone. My wife and daughter are in Pennsylvania for the day. I am spending my day catering to our cat Arthur who wants to go in and out of our screened in deck every few minutes. It will suffice for my exercise today.

Take pity on a poor hardworking blogger with nearly four years of quality content, and refer a friend to this blog today!

One response to “Help! Google abandoned my blog!”

  1. Mark, you disappeared in fine fashion. Just the other day, I tried to find your blog (after a considerable absence), but Google wouldn’t give it up at all. It was only this evening I discovered a link to you from my old blog account.

    Glad to see you’re still writing, and that you haven’t disappeared off the face of the planet!


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