Occam’s Razor’s 2005 Ten Most Popular Entries List

Here is a list of my most viewed blog entries for 2005, courtesy of my Awstats software. Of course, most of the page views are for the main index (20,353). So these hits represent mostly what draws people here via search engine. Page views are in parenthesis.

  1. Sharon Mitchell: Porn Saint (3368)
  2. Review: What the Bleep Do We Know? (987)
  3. It’s a Shame (903)
  4. Scrooge is Alive: Wal-Mart is Evil (875)
  5. Star Trek: It’s Dead Jim. Let it Lie (727)
  6. Michael Jackson: Pedophile (686)
  7. Infidelity: It’s not so simple (679)
  8. Leaning Left in Academia (634)
  9. The Root of Human Conflict: Emotion vs. Reason (627)
  10. From Physics to Metaphysics (617)

For 2005:

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