My Aura Revealed!

Rose Rosetree is a nationally known face reader, aura reader and empath. If you asked me a few months ago whether anyone would ever read my aura let alone someone rather well known in the field I would have laughed. And yet a strange set of circumstances resulted in a free aura reading by Rose, which I will share with you in a bit.

Rose is the author of a half dozen books and videos on these topics. She travels the world teaching, lecturing and doing readings for various people. At this moment she is either in Los Angeles or Japan, I’m not sure which. She worked in my aura reading on the plane using a picture on my web site. No we have never met. But it wouldn’t be too hard to meet her since when she isn’t traveling she lives about seven miles away in Sterling, Virginia.

Here is how it happened. My good friend Lisa went to visit a Healing Touch practitioner I was acquainted with. Maureen McCracken used to go to the Unitarian Church I attend. For years once a week she practiced her Healing Touch therapy in the basement of the church. Lots of people at the church swore she worked magic on them even though all she did was move her hands over their bodies, never really touching them. She said Healing Touch let her align their chakras. To learn more about chakras, read the extended entry.

I still don’t know how much of this I believe. As someone trained in the scientific method I am a pretty skeptical person. But as I’ve alluded to elsewhere I am much more inclined to believe in metaphysical stuff today than I ever was. So mainly I try to keep an open mind. But I also keep looking over my shoulder for expected scorn from my peers and siblings. Fortunately I’ve developed a pretty thick hide and I don’t care too much what my peers think anymore.

Anyhow I remembered Maureen’s name, found her web site and sent the link to Lisa. At the time she was going through some heavy stuff and needed her chakras seriously realigned. So she goes to Maureen and is very impressed and keeps going back. Lisa, who can’t pass a bookstore or a library without going into it, was soon reading all about Healing Touch and chakras. She started going to classes that were offered locally. Recently she attended Rose Rosetree’s aura reading seminar.

Rose happened to write a review of George W. Bush’s aura for her newsletter that wasn’t flattering. Lisa forwarded it to me knowing a political junkie like me would like it. So I thought, “Hey, the people at DailyKos will read anything if it confirms their opinions about prominent Republicans.” So I posted this diary entry. Lisa told Rose and Rose seemed to appreciate what I did. Some weeks later she did another aura reading on John Kerry so I posted that one too. Okay I confess I did it somewhat hastily and without making sure I had all the right permissions. I subsequently apologized to Rose and all was forgiven. DailyKos members were amused and I think Rose got some free publicity.

As a result of my diligence and interest Rose offered to read my aura for free. I figured the price was right. What did I have to lose? Then I sort of forgot about it since she spent a couple weeks traveling. And today here it pops into my email box.

How well did she read me? I think it’s a pretty accurate reading. But since most of you don’t know me from Adam, you probably don’t care what my aura revealed. But for friends and family members who are curious, keep reading!

Dear Mark:

Here’s an aura reading based on the photo at <URL obscured>. You’ve caught me just between Seattle and L.A.+ Japan. Hope all is going well in the world of Guy Noir and your own blogging.

What is your aura? Just as you have a physical body, you have many spiritual bodies made of electro-magnetic energy. They fit together, interpenetrating each other so you could visualize like mixing bowls of different sizes that you can stack inside each other. When you read auras, you can choose any one of these energy bodies to read because they stack up in the form of layers around your physical body. So your aura bodies are like the layers of an onion (except, of course, you smell better 😉 ).

Why read your aura? It contains information about you-fascinating data that a skilled aura reader can perceive and interpret. And YOU can become a skilled aura reader (for more details, see the end of this reading).

If you have studied about auras, you may know that each of your energy bodies contains chakras (pronounce it as CHA-kra, like chocolate, or SHA-kra, like shimmering light-your choice). They correspond to different areas of your physical body. Each of your chakras is a databank holding specific types of information; in this aura reading by mail, I’ll comment on seven important chakras, as shown in the photo you supplied.

In my system of Aura Reading Through ALL Your Senses, auras are not understood as simply a matter of color, with set meanings for each color. Although this is the popular cliche about auras, it’s pretty limiting when you think about it-as though the daily horoscopes in a newspaper were the same thing as a detailed natal chart from a skilled astronomer. Even weirder, what if a Hostess Twinkie were considered identical to an exquisite multi-layered cake creation from a gourmet pastry chef? Regarding aura reading, I invite you to consider that perception of colors (or other perceptions), are only a means to an end: providing you with useful information. That’s my goal in this reading, and the following comments will provide insight into two different aspects:

*GIFTS OF YOUR SOUL are set up in your aura from the time you are born. These are unchanging aspects of your aura… wonderful things about you that you can’t possibly mess up, though you may under-use them. It helps to recognize and use your gifts, since they lead the way to your inner happiness as well as your outer success. Unless you learn about your soul’s gifts from an aura reading, don’t consider yourself satisfied!

*STUFF GOING ON also shows in your aura. At any moment, your aura will contain information about how you’re doing right now, as of the time of the photo being read. STUFF includes challenges you’re going through now or that may have been ongoing for a while. STUFF changes! For instance, patterns of balance change as you grow, and your reading may mention that, at the time of your photo, you mostly “live” in one or more parts of who you are. You may like that pattern just fine or, possibly, you might decide to change the emphasis and open up aspects of life you haven’t been using much.

Why learn about STUFF? Although not as uplifting as GIFTS OF YOUR SOUL, identifying STUFF can be a validation. If there’s a significant challenge going on, it helps to learn about what’s going on provided that you keep something very important in mind, so here it is… Any challenge that shows up in your aura can be healed!

In my hour-long sessions, I help people to energetically move forward; there are plenty of other energy workers, too, as well as psychotherapists, pastoral counselors and other specialists in helping people to move through challenges. So if you go through a difficult time, don’t feel unduly discouraged but do find help. Often, once you recognize a blockage you can move through it all by yourself, by paying attention. Use the tools and techniques you’ve already learned. When they work, you’ll be the first to know.

Here’s the bottom line. You are the authority in your life. Paying attention, trusting yourself, pausing to take a deep breath when needed, you can recognize what is true for yourself. It is my hope that this aura reading will resonate for you as both accurate and helpful.


Metaphysically each human being is a soul, having a physical experience. How do you relate to being in a physical body? According to your aura, you’re practical, verging on cynical, battle scarred but not carrying anything more sinister than a warrior’s intent to keep on slugging, as needed.

Obviously (as in sticking out all over your aura) you specialize in the intellectual arenas, even down to how you relate to physical life.


Patterns of sexuality show in an aura, and so here goes “Mark as lover”: Definite prize. Lots of tenderness as well as the more obvious lover-like qualities. This is a healthy, sizeable part of your aura, kiddo.


Power patterns are traditionally read in the part of the aura corresponding to your solar plexus, or ribcage. In your aura, you come across as strong, with abundant idealism (though not expressed in Pollyanna soppiness). It’s like one of Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table!

In power struggles where it personally counts, however, like folks you’re very close to, you show some definite STUFF. Until that’s healed, and you’re not carrying around patterns you were exposed to in formative years (definitely doable, of course, or I wouldn’t mention it), you’ll risk being pushed around.


Emotional patterns show at the level of your heart, and your aura reveals an empathic gift for what I call emotional oneness. If you’re curious about this ability to directly experience the emotions that belong to other people, I’d refer you to


Communication patterns show here, as well as truthfulness. In your aura, that truthfulness comes with a real blast. It’s not enough to speak the truth, for you. You’re a trumpeter!
Oh yes, ought to mention that you can be really stubborn, pigheaded and opinionated.


What’s going on right now with your spirituality? According to your aura, you’re very wide awake. It’s a no-frills spirituality, probably without too many labels or rules attached. If American politicians had your degree of consciousness, this would be Wonder World, let me tell you….


This chakra is located between your heart and your throat, in the area corresponding to your upper chest. It’s about whether your soul is connected up with your personality. Only about 1 in 300 people currently has this part of the aura connected; when it is, your quality of life is an inspiration to others, whether they’re conscious of this or not. What shows in your aura is that you’re among that inspiring minority. Keep it up!


Well, there you have it… for now. As you keep learning and growing, your aura will change. You have what it takes to be a great aura reader, too, so I hope you develop your abilities. For information about how I can help you do this, click on Or send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for more information to Women’s Intuition Worldwide,116 Hillsdale Drive, Sterling, VA 20164-1201.

3 responses to “My Aura Revealed!”

  1. 🙂 She’s right on the money (but she always is!). I’m glad to see the reading! I must say that I’ve experienced Rose’s healing work first hand and it’s moved me forward to places I NEVER would have gotten in many years of therapy. She is definitely one of my greatest teachers. And yes, YOU are an empath. Gee, did we know this or not? 🙂 Welcome to the club, MarkyMark. Signed, she who cannot pass a bookstore or library


  2. Here is a great video and information on more of this. Great stuff!


  3. Non-falsifiable fluff that could be applied to anyone; ego massaging (“you’d be a great aura reader”), new age repackaging of a few,bastardized ideas from yoga. Chakra means wheel and it’s pronounced chukkruh. It’s Sanskrit. Rose is an astute business woman and the American masses really need to study other cultures so that they don’t fall for the latest smarmy guru/goddess willing to massage their chakras for a wad of cash.


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