A brief note … I am in Shepherdstown, West Virginia at the National Conservation Training Center and will be here the rest of the week. I am here because I am a new manager so I must get the official management course.

I find that I have taken internet access for granted. But when you don’t have it you really notice it. That happened yesterday when I woke up to discover that our high speed internet service went down. And because we have a cable company the soonest they can possibly come out to look at the problem will be Wednesday. Twits. This is customer service?

Well it won’t matter. I’ll be here in Shepherdstown instead. But the laptop I hoped to borrow is at home so my wife can get out over a dialup line through work. Instead I am at a kiosk. This is not very conducive to blogging. And with no laptop in my room to surf the web in the evenings I am forced to either watch TV or read books. How quaint!

So I watched TV last night and saw “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”. At the time I thought it was a pretty good movie. But here it is 20 years later and I realized … yech! This is one bad movie! Shatner still can’t act. Spock goes around like he’s been hit on the head with a brick and utters a lot of inane statements. It’s really quite embarrassing to watch it. The prime directive being violated right and left. It seems more to be designed to go for silly laughs than anything else. And what’s with that large cigar shaped spacecraft? And that pointless scene at the end with all of them jumping into San Francisco Bay … it looks so stupid!

Tonight I will skip the TV and just read Patrick O’Brian instead … much higher quality stuff!

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