Watching You – Part Two

I have been metering my blog for about a month now with SiteMeter. As I expected I am not exactly being overwhelmed with visitors, but I am getting more visitors than I anticipated. I guessed I got hit about a dozen times a day; the reality seems to be closer to forty hits a day. You can see my number of site visits and page views by looking at the graph below. Please note that I’ve filtered out my own hits to my blog, so this chart is a true measure of its public interest.

I’ve had about 1100 visits and about 1350 page views in the last month. That averages out to about 32 visits and 39 page views per day. A visit means that someone from a particular address on the Internet hits one of my web pages. The reason page views are larger than visits is because some people visiting my site stick around and read another pages while they are here. I like it when that happens!


The graph shows that interest in my site seems to peak in midweek and taper off on the weekends. I would have assumed that on the weekends people would have more time for leisure web surfing so I would get more hits then. But it appears that people more often visit this site from work, perhaps just because they are just bored.

About seventy five percent of you arrive here via a search engine query. This is usually Google, but it is often Yahoo or MSN. The other quarter of you, bless you, must come to me via links on someone else’s site. My thanks go to, Snarkypants, Rain City Story, Metro Blog Map and Shards for thinking my little blog is noteworthy enough to have a prominent link.

I see certain blog entries are very popular. I think this is because they rate fairly high in search engine ordering. My political entries seem to do fairly well for such a small site on a tiny corner of the Internet. I constantly see my Why Bush Will Lose in 2004 entry show up on the list of most frequently served entries. The free version of SiteMeter I use only keeps page statistics for the last 100 hits. My main index page is the highest-ranking draw, attracting 31 of my last 100 hits. Other popular entries lately include The Dual Income Trap, Bring This On?, Why Current Marriage Laws are Immoral, Scrooge is Alive: Wal-Mart is Evil and Morning in America (Again): How the Democrats Won in 2004. I guess if I am trying to build market share for my blog I should stick to political discussions.

My blog is busiest between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time, which shouldn’t be too surprising. I get spikes around lunchtime.

The vast majority of my readers appear to live here in the United States, which shouldn’t surprise me. Looking at domains that hit my blog I see some surprises. I expected hits from, but why do 4% of my hits come from and another 4% from Maybe I have some big fans on these domains.

Over the course of a year I will learn more about my readers from checking my SiteMeter reports. I do appreciate you spending your valuable time here. I usually don’t have any lack of things to write about. But if you particularly like my analyses in certain subject areas please encourage me by using email link on the main index page. I am not above focusing on particular topics to boost my hit rates. I like to keep the customer satisfied.

‘Nuff said. I’m back from four days and three nights in Colorado. That means I’m back to blogging on a more regular basis for your amusement and mine.

One response to “Watching You – Part Two”

  1. Mark, You won’t be seeing anymore. Instead, you’ll see because I usually read you at work 🙂 Our gateway now resolves to T-Mobile as the was a little ambiguous.


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