My pal Lisa’s recent experiences with a psychic (which hopefully she will elaborate some time on her blog Snarkypants) was rather interesting. I am by nature a skeptic (that’s why I call this place Occam’s Razor) but on the other hand if what she told me is accurate, and I’m sure it is, the simplest explanation is to believe that there are people with genuine psychic ability and that some part of our personality does manifest itself as energy after death.

This is not a comfortable thought to most of us Hamills, at least my siblings and I. Schooled in the fine scientific method we are skeptical of anything metaphysical. We are a fine bunch of classic skeptics, but this gives me pause.

A medium who can touch a card where you wrote down some names and never see the names and start naming names and telling you things about them from the afterlife is either truly psychic or a mind reader. Personally I am very disturbed that someone could read my mind and my own private thoughts. When I imagine the complexity of doing something like that I have to think that it is simpler just to accept that this psychic truly is one.

Now I’ve watched TV psychics. John Edward really seems convincing, until I read stuff online that says his tapings take six hours and is edited down to take out the false readings and show only those things that click. And of course people in general are pretty suggestable going into these things. So I’m skeptical about John Edward even though I like watching his show when I see it … I don’t go out of my way though.

Someday I’ll have to try out a psychic for myself I guess and make my own conclusions. But Lisa is neither a flake nor suggestable. I can’t discount her experience.

I have been doing a fair amount of metaphysical reading though. I’ll describe this in more detail sometime later in this blog. Sifting through it is tough and finding kernels of truth is even tougher. One can certainly understand that as people age and death becomes less of an abstraction that they would become more interested in the stuff, and that is probably as true for me as it was for Harry Houdini. My mind does seem to rebel at the notion that someday I will no longer exist in some form whatsoever. Perhaps I exist, therefore I am, is not an unreasonable hypothesis and if by believing you do you in fact always do exist in some form.

In any event while I can’t claim to be a biophysicist I have learned that energy is never destroyed, it merely changes state over time. Is it that unreasonable to think that if water can be in many forms (gas, liquid and solid) that my energy (or soul if you will) can exist in many forms too? For now perhaps it is in a human form and perhaps at death I will move into yet another form, much like ice changing to water.

And that would raise the question of why are we here, which I will ruminate on in a future blog entry.

2 responses to “Psychics”

  1. Thank you for saying I am neither a flake nor suggestible! 🙂 It truly was an amazing experience, seeing Pastor Reed Brown. Every single thing he said was so on the money with what is happening and has happened in my life. I got a lot of comfort from it too … I guess just having someone validate things I felt was an important piece. Anyway, I’m always open to doing and trying new things (that’s why you love me!) and this was so worth it


  2. Several years ago I attended a gathering during which Reed Brown did readings for audience members. For $10, a person could write their question on a slip of paper, which was folded and put in a box. As I had been to several psychics who seemed to be stating only the obvious, I decided to test Mr. (Rev.?) Brown. I invented the question “Where is Aunt Pearl’s ring?” I have no Aunt Pearl, and there is no ring.
    The folded papers were placed in a cut-down cardboard carton, a large flat box with sides about 6 to 8 inches high. This odd box was placed on top of the podium Reed Brown was using, and a Tensor light was turned on. These two things immediately made me suspicious, because why does a psychic need a Tensor light? and I had read that phony psychics could “read” through paper by rubbing the paper with Vaseline.
    When my turn came, Mr. Brown said that what he was “getting” was “something about a ring. Is that correct?” I said yes, and he immediately moved on to someone else. While my companion felt this “proved” he was psychically reading the question, I felt this was evidence that he was a phony. He did not know me and he did not attempt to answer the question. However, he spent a good deal of time with followers he apparently knew. Much of the time, what he had to tell them was that some relative, vaguely described in many cases, loved them and wanted them to know that they were happy after death. When he did get into specifics, it seemed to be only with people he knew well, making me wonder whether his information wasn’t gathered in the normal way rather than psychically.


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